Austria Football – Team Profile: SV Wörgl

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SV Wörgl: Driving Force of Austrian Football

SV Wörgl is a professional football team from Austria representing the town of Wörgl. The club was founded in 1919 and has since then become an integral part of Austrian footballing heritage. SV Wörgl boasts a rich history, which includes numerous titles and accolades. The team currently competes in the fourth tier of Austrian football, and has a strong fan following from across the country.

Overview of the Team

SV Wörgl has been one of the most successful teams in Austrian football history. The club has maintained a strong presence in the regional leagues, and has been successful in winning numerous titles over the years. The team has won one Austrian Cup title and two Austrian Amateur Cup titles. The club is known for its passionate fan base and has a reputation for playing attractive and attacking football.

History of the Team

SV Wörgl was founded in 1919, and started playing in the regional leagues before moving up to the amateur leagues. The team made its first appearance in the professional leagues in 1958, and has been a regular participant in the lower tiers of Austrian football. The club has been known for producing quality young players over the years, and has also played a key role in developing football in the rural regions of Austria.

Notable Players

While SV Wörgl has not produced many international stars, the club has seen a number of talented players pass through its ranks. One of the most notable players to play for the club is Zlatko Junuzovic, who played for SV Wörgl in his youth career. Junuzovic has gone on to play for the Austrian national team and has played for top European sides like Werder Bremen and Red Bull Salzburg. Another distinguished player who has played for SV Wörgl is Andreas Möller, who played for the club in the early 1980s before going on to represent Germany in the 1990s.


Over the years, SV Wörgl has had a number of accomplished coaches lead the team to success. The current head coach of the team is Florian Schwarz, who has been with the club since 2020. Over the years, the club has been managed by the likes of Andi Herzog, Peter Stöger, and Günter Güttler, among others.

Most Successful Season

The most successful season in the history of SV Wörgl was the 1990-91 season. The club won its first and only Austrian Cup title, and also finished second in the Austrian Bundesliga that season. The team was managed by legendary Austrian coach Hans Krankl during that season, and had a strong squad that included players like Milivoj Bračun and Davorin Kablar. That season remains a highlight for SV Wörgl fans, and is often referred to as the golden era of the club.


The owner of SV Wörgl is a non-profit association consisting of members who elect the board of directors. The club is supported by its local community, and has a loyal fan base that continues to contribute to the development of the club. The board of directors is responsible for the administration of the club, and is tasked with making key decisions regarding the team’s development and growth.


SV Wörgl plays its home matches at the Sportplatz Wörgl, which has a seating capacity of approximately 2,500 spectators. The stadium has undergone numerous renovations and improvements over the years, and is one of the most well-maintained stadiums in the lower tiers of Austrian football. The stadium has hosted several high-profile matches over the years, and is known for its electric atmosphere on match days.

Team Profile

Team Name: SV Wörgl
Championships Won: 1 Austrian Cup, 2 Austrian Amateur Cup
Owner: Non-Profit Association
City and Country: Wörgl, Austria
Mascot: N/A
Stadium: Sportplatz Wörgl
Team URL:

Overall, SV Wörgl is a team that has contributed significantly to the development of Austrian football. The club has a strong fan base, and has produced several talented players over the years. Although the team currently competes in the lower tiers of football, it has a proud history and continues to be an important part of Austria’s footballing landscape.

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