Austria Football – Team Profile: SV Grödig II

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Overview of SV Grödig II

SV Grödig II is a football team based in the town of Grödig in Austria. The team was founded in 1948 and has spent most of its existence playing in the lower leagues of Austrian football. Currently, they play in the sixth level of Austrian football.

History of the Team

The club’s greatest achievement came in the 2012-13 season when the senior team won the Austrian Football First League and gained promotion to the Austrian Bundesliga for the first time in its history. However, the senior team declared bankruptcy in 2017 and were dissolved. During the peak years of the senior team, the reserves provided vital support and training to a number of players who went on to play in the senior team.

SV Grödig II has not won any significant titles so far, but they have had some successful seasons in recent years. In the 2016-17 season, they secured promotion to the fifth division of Austrian football, which was a huge achievement for the club.

Notable Players

SV Grödig II has been a breeding ground for young talent, with many players having gone on to play for the senior team. One notable player is Philipp Huspek, who played for SV Grödig II before moving to the senior team and then eventually being bought by SK Rapid Wien. Another notable player is Stefan Nutz, who also progressed through the ranks at Grödig before moving on to SK Sturm Graz.


The current coach of SV Grödig II is Johann Feierabend, who has been with the club since 2019. Feierabend has an impressive coaching record, having previously managed teams in the third and fourth divisions of Austrian football.

Most Successful Season

SV Grödig II’s most successful season was in the 2016-17 season when they secured promotion to the fifth division of Austrian football. Promotions are always a cause for celebration, especially for clubs playing in the lower leagues.


SV Grödig II is owned by the SV Grödig football club. The senior team of SV Grödig famously declared bankruptcy in 2017, which resulted in the dissolution of the club. However, the club has since been resurrected as a new entity and is currently operating as a fifth-tier club.


SV Grödig II plays its home matches at the Sportzentrum Mitte in Grödig. The stadium has a capacity of 1,200 spectators and features an artificial playing surface.

Team Profile

Team Name: SV Grödig II
Championships Won: None
Owner: SV Grödig football club
City & Country: Grödig, Austria
Mascot: N/A
Stadium: Sportzentrum Mitte
Team URL:
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