Austria Football – Team Profile: SC Hohenems

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SC Hohenems: A Promising Football Team from Austria

Overview of the Team

The SC Hohenems is a professional football club based in Hohenems, Austria. The team currently plays in the Vorarlberg Liga, which is the fourth tier of Austrian football. The club’s colors are green and white, and its home ground is the Herrenriedstadion.

History of the Team

The SC Hohenems was founded in 1913 and is one of the oldest football clubs in Vorarlberg. The team has a rich history of success in regional and amateur football, winning numerous titles and trophies over the years.

In recent years, the team has been working hard to improve its performance and success on the pitch, and has made significant progress towards achieving its goals.

Notable Players

Although the SC Hohenems is primarily a regional team, it has produced some notable players who have gone on to play at higher levels of Austrian football. Some of the most notable players include Michael Baur, who played for Austria Wien and FC Basel, and Wolfgang Mair, who played for FC Tirol Innsbruck and Red Bull Salzburg.


Over the years, the SC Hohenems has had a number of different coaches who have helped to shape the team’s identity and style of play. Some of the most notable coaches include Peter Stöger, who also coached Austria Wien and Red Bull Salzburg, and Bernd Stober, who helped the team to win several regional championships.

Most Successful Season

The most successful season for the SC Hohenems came in 2017-18, when the team won the Vorarlberg Liga and earned promotion to the Regionalliga West, which is the third tier of Austrian football.


The SC Hohenems is owned and operated by the Hohenems Football Association, which is a registered non-profit organization.


The team’s home ground is the Herrenriedstadion, which is located in Hohenems, Austria. The stadium has a capacity of approximately 3,500 spectators and is used primarily for football matches.

Team Profile

Team Name: SC Hohenems
Championships Won: Vorarlberg Liga (2017-18)
Owner: Hohenems Football Association
City and Country: Hohenems, Austria
Mascot: N/A
Stadium: Herrenriedstadion
Team URL:

In conclusion, the SC Hohenems is a promising football team from Austria with a rich history of success in regional and amateur football. With its recent promotion to the Regionalliga West and a dedicated team of coaches and players, the club is poised for further success in the coming years.

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