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Overview of Pogradeci Football Team

Pogradeci Football Team is a professional Albanian football club based in the city of Pogradec. Founded in 1930, the team has a rich history of playing in the Albanian Superliga, the top tier of Albanian football. Currently, the team competes in the Albanian First Division, the second-tier league of Albanian football.

History of Pogradeci Football Team

Pogradeci Football Team was founded in 1930 and has since played a significant role in Albanian football. The club’s most successful period was during the 1990s when it won back-to-back Second Division championships and earned promotion to the Albanian Superliga.

The team’s first-ever official match was played in 1932 against another local team, Bilisht. Throughout the years, the team has faced numerous challenges, including financial struggles and staff changes, and has worked hard to maintain its position in Albanian football.

Notable Players of Pogradeci Football Team

Over the years, a number of notable players have played for Pogradeci Football Team. Some of the most prominent names include Bekim Balaj, Luan Shllaku, and Edmir Bilali. Additionally, a number of talented young players have emerged from the club’s youth academy, including Endrit Kastrati, who currently plays for KF Tirana.


Pogradeci Football Team has had numerous coaches throughout its history. Some of the most notable coaches include Iljaz Përparim, Hysen Memolla, and Lulzim Zekaj. The team is currently coached by Artur Nallbani.

Most Successful Season

The most successful season for Pogradeci Football Team was in the 1997/1998 season when it finished in fifth place in the Albanian Superliga. This was the team’s highest finish in the league, and it was a significant achievement for a team that had just been promoted from the second division.


Pogradeci Football Team is owned by the municipality of Pogradec.


Pogradeci Football Team plays its home matches at the Shahin Haxhiislami Stadium, which has a seating capacity of approximately 4,000 spectators.

Team Profile

Team Name: Pogradeci Football Team
Championships Won: Two Second Division championships
Owner: Municipality of Pogradec
City and Country: Pogradec, Albania
Mascot: N/A
Stadium: Shahin Haxhiislami Stadium
Team URL:
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