The downfall of California: Small thefts legalized, excessive wokeness to blame

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The Current State of California

The Golden State of California has proven to be one of the most sought-after destinations globally. Its reputation as a center for technology, innovation, and entertainment has attracted millions of people from all over the world.

However, over the years, there have been visible signs of a declining society in California, marked with an increase in small thefts and excessive wokeness, which have led to its downfall. The legalization of small thefts and the culture of extreme political correctness are some of the major factors contributing to the deterioration of the State’s moral and social order.

The Rise of Legalized Small Thefts

One of the most startling developments in California’s decline has been the decision of the State to legalize small thefts, which has created an enabling environment for thieves to operate without fear of arrest or prosecution. Such small-scale thefts include shoplifting and petty theft of property below $950, which the State’s ruling party sees as a means of protecting the poor who may have very little.

The reality is that such a move has only emboldened criminals, making California one of the states with the highest levels of property crimes. Small-scale thefts account for over 70% of California’s property crimes, and the numbers keep increasing by the day.

Instead of legalizing petty thefts, the State government should focus on addressing the root causes that drive people to steal. Things such as mental health, poverty, and addiction should be addressed. Furthermore, efforts should be channeled towards methods of reducing recidivism, which involves implementing measures designed to enable ex-offenders to become productive members of society.

The Rise of Wokeness and Over-Political Correctness

Another disturbing trend in California is the growth of an extreme form of political correctness, often referred to as “wokeness.” This concept refers to a set of aggressively liberal ideas that are propagated as a means of gaining moral superiority and maintaining political correctness.

Wokeness has resulted in an environment where people are more concerned with political correctness than common sense. California State University requires instructors to use gender-neutral language and non-offensive terminology in their coursework. In San Francisco, city officials voted to replace “convicted felons” with “justice-involved persons” and “prisoner” with “formerly incarcerated individual.”

While the intention of promoting inclusivity and removing hurtful language is good, wokeness has gone too far.

The First Amendment of the U.S Constitution provides for the freedom of expression, which should be protected at all costs. However, some people in California have become so entrenched in their views that they are willing to deny others their right to express their opinions.

Solutions to the Downfall of California

To address the decline of California, we should adopt a pragmatic approach that involves a multi-dimensional strategy.

Firstly, we need to come to terms with reality, and the need to enforce laws and safeguard basic rights. The legalization of small thefts is a clear indicator that the State has lost its moral compass. Instead of finding ways to appease misguided ideologies, the government should focus on protecting its citizens and reducing crime rates.

Secondly, we should promote and encourage a more open and inclusive society, without going overboard on political correctness. We should embrace diversity and foster a culture of mutual respect and understanding, without sacrificing our fundamental values, such as free speech.

We should also focus on implementing measures that address the root causes of issues such as drug addiction and poverty—providing resources and rehabilitation programs geared towards empowering ex-offenders.

California has become a state in decline, due to an enabling environment around small thefts and excessive wokeness. However, it is not too late to reverse this trend and protect its citizens. With a pragmatic approach and a concerted effort towards law enforcement, inclusivity, and addressing the root causes of crime, California can once again be a prosperous and vibrant place to live.

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