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Veeva Systems is a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for the life sciences industry. The company’s innovative technology platform is designed to streamline and optimize key processes within the life sciences sector, including drug development, clinical trials, and commercialization. Veeva Systems has rapidly emerged as a key player in the healthcare technology space, offering a suite of integrated applications that help pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies to improve efficiency, collaboration, and compliance.

Since its founding in 2007, Veeva Systems has experienced significant growth and success, with a strong focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and industry leadership. The company’s commitment to delivering high-quality, industry-specific solutions has earned it a reputation as a trusted partner for life sciences organizations around the world.


Veeva Systems was founded in 2007 by Peter Gassner, a former senior executive at leading cloud computing company Salesforce. Gassner recognized the need for specialized technology solutions tailored to the unique requirements of the life sciences industry, which faces complex regulatory challenges and evolving market dynamics.

With his deep expertise in cloud computing and a clear understanding of the healthcare landscape, Gassner embarked on a mission to create a software platform that would revolutionize how life sciences companies conduct business. This vision led to the development of Veeva Systems’ flagship product, Veeva Vault, which serves as a central platform for managing regulated content, data, and processes across the product lifecycle.

Since its inception, Veeva Systems has been driven by a strong commitment to innovation, quality, and customer value. The company has continued to expand its portfolio of applications and services, addressing a wide range of critical business needs for life sciences organizations. Veeva Systems has also established a strong track record of success in bringing cutting-edge technology to market, earning the trust and confidence of its customers.


Peter Gassner, the founder and CEO of Veeva Systems, is a seasoned technology executive with a track record of leading successful software companies. Prior to founding Veeva Systems, Gassner served as the Senior Vice President of Technology at Salesforce, where he played a key role in shaping the company’s innovative cloud computing platform.

With over two decades of experience in the technology industry, Gassner brings a wealth of expertise in enterprise software, cloud computing, and industry-specific solutions. His visionary leadership has been instrumental in driving Veeva Systems’ growth and success, as well as in establishing the company as a leading provider of cloud-based software for the life sciences sector.


Veeva Systems is headquartered in Pleasanton, California, a bustling technology hub in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company’s modern corporate campus reflects its commitment to innovation, collaboration, and a vibrant company culture. From its headquarters, Veeva Systems serves a global customer base, with a strong presence in key healthcare markets around the world.

In addition to its headquarters in Pleasanton, Veeva Systems has expanded its footprint with offices in major cities across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. This global network of locations supports the company’s operations, customer engagement, and strategic partnerships, enabling Veeva Systems to deliver value and support to its diverse client base.

Overall, Veeva Systems’ commitment to excellence, industry expertise, and customer-centric approach has positioned it as a key player in the life sciences technology space. With a strong foundation, visionary leadership, and a portfolio of innovative solutions, the company continues to drive positive change and empower life sciences organizations to thrive in an increasingly complex and competitive industry.

Company Profile: Veeva Systems


Veeva Systems is a cloud computing company that focuses on providing software solutions for the life sciences industry. The company’s operations revolve around developing and delivering industry-specific applications for life sciences companies, enabling them to streamline their business practices and comply with industry regulations.

Veeva’s operations are centered around providing a comprehensive suite of cloud-based software applications that address specific needs within the life sciences industry. These applications include customer relationship management (CRM), content management, regulatory information management, and data management, among others. The company also offers professional services to support the implementation and maintenance of its software solutions.

With a customer base that includes some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies, Veeva Systems has established itself as a key player in the life sciences software market. The company’s operations are characterized by a focus on innovation, industry expertise, and a commitment to delivering value to its customers.


Veeva Systems offers a wide range of products that cater to the diverse needs of the life sciences industry. The company’s flagship product is Veeva Vault, a cloud-based content management platform designed to help life sciences companies manage their regulated content and data in a compliant and efficient manner. Vault includes modules for managing documents, quality processes, clinical trial information, and regulatory submissions, among others.

In addition to Vault, Veeva offers Veeva CRM, a customer relationship management solution tailored for the life sciences industry. Veeva CRM helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies effectively manage their interactions with healthcare professionals, track sales activities, and analyze customer data to make informed business decisions.

Veeva also provides applications for clinical data management, data analytics, and regulatory information management, all of which are designed to address the specific challenges faced by life sciences companies in areas such as clinical research, data integrity, and regulatory compliance.

Overall, Veeva’s product portfolio reflects the company’s deep understanding of the unique requirements of the life sciences industry and its commitment to providing best-in-class software solutions to support the success of its customers.

Relevance in the Field

Veeva Systems has established itself as a highly relevant and influential player in the life sciences software industry. The company’s focus on delivering industry-specific, cloud-based solutions has positioned it as a trusted partner for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies seeking to modernize their operations and comply with stringent regulatory requirements.

Veeva’s relevance in the field is underscored by its strong customer base, which includes over 850 customers ranging from emerging biotechs to the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. The company’s software solutions are widely recognized for their ability to drive efficiency, improve compliance, and enable innovative business practices within the life sciences industry.

Moreover, Veeva’s thought leadership and commitment to advancing the industry are evident through its annual Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit, a premier event for life sciences professionals to explore industry trends, best practices, and the latest advancements in technology. This event serves as a testament to Veeva’s relevance and influence within the life sciences community.

Overall, Veeva Systems’ continuous innovation, industry-specific focus, and strong customer relationships solidify its position as a leading provider of cloud solutions for the life sciences industry.


Veeva Systems’ success and relevance in the life sciences industry can be attributed to several key insights that have shaped the company’s approach and offerings.

1. Industry-specific focus: Veeva’s deep understanding of the unique requirements and challenges within the life sciences industry has allowed the company to develop specialized software solutions tailored to the needs of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies.

2. Cloud-based innovation: Veeva’s commitment to cloud computing has enabled the company to deliver scalable, flexible, and secure software solutions that empower its customers to modernize their operations and embrace digital transformation.

3. Compliance and quality: Veeva’s products are designed with a focus on regulatory compliance and data integrity, helping life sciences companies navigate complex regulatory landscapes and maintain the highest standards of quality and compliance.

4. Thought leadership: Veeva’s engagement with the life sciences community through events, webinars, and industry publications reflects the company’s commitment to thought leadership and knowledge sharing, positioning it as a trusted advisor within the industry.

5. Customer-centric approach: Veeva’s emphasis on building strong, long-term relationships with its customers has been instrumental in driving customer success and satisfaction, ultimately contributing to the company’s growth and influence in the market.

Overall, these insights have guided Veeva Systems in developing and delivering best-in-class software solutions that address the evolving needs of the life sciences industry, cementing its position as a leading provider of cloud software for life sciences companies.

Key Details

Name Veeva Systems
Founded 2007
Number of Employees Over 3,000
Sector Cloud Computing, Life Sciences Software
Main Products Veeva Vault, Veeva CRM, Clinical Data Management Solutions, Regulatory Information Management Solutions
Revenue Approximately $1 billion (FY 2021)
Headquarters Pleasanton, California, United States
Countries Operations in over 15 countries worldwide
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