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Western University


Western University, also known as the University of Western Ontario, is a public research university located in London, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1878 and has a reputation as one of Canada’s top universities.


Western University began as the Western University of London, which was established by the Church of England in 1878. The university was originally located in a building downtown, but it quickly outgrew its space and moved to its present location in 1923.

Throughout the twentieth century, Western University grew to become one of Canada’s most prestigious universities. Today, the university is home to over 30,000 students from 120 countries and has a faculty of more than 1,300.


Western University is organized into twelve faculties and schools, including the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Law, and the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry.

The university is also home to several research institutes, including the Robarts Research Institute and the Brain and Mind Institute.


Western University’s campus is located on over 400 acres of land in London, Ontario. The campus features a mix of modern and historic buildings, including the university’s landmark University College building.

The university also has several satellite campuses, including the Kings University College and the Brescia University College.


Western University offers a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in areas such as agriculture, arts and humanities, business, education, engineering, law, medicine, and science.

The university is also known for its research programs, which attract millions of dollars in funding each year from government agencies, corporations, and foundations.

Colleges and Schools

Western University is organized into 12 faculties and schools:

  1. Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  2. Faculty of Education
  3. Faculty of Engineering
  4. Faculty of Health Sciences
  5. Faculty of Information and Media Studies
  6. Faculty of Law
  7. Faculty of Music
  8. Faculty of Science
  9. Huron University College
  10. Brescia University College
  11. King’s University College
  12. School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Student Life

With over 30,000 students, Western University has a vibrant and diverse student community. The university is known for its strong student-focused culture, which fosters academic excellence, community engagement, and personal growth.

There are over 200 student clubs and organizations on campus, as well as numerous sports teams and recreational facilities. The university also hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the year, including cultural festivals, concerts, and guest lectures.


Western University is home to a strong and successful athletics program, with over 1,000 student-athletes competing in 22 varsity sports. The university has won multiple national championships in sports such as football, basketball, and track and field.

The university’s athletic facilities are among the best in Canada, with state-of-the-art facilities for sports such as hockey, basketball, and volleyball.

Notable Alumni

Western University has produced many successful and influential alumni, including:

  • Peter Mansbridge, former anchor of CBC’s The National
  • John Robarts, former Premier of Ontario
  • Susan Truppe, former Member of Parliament
  • Frederick Banting, Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of insulin
  • Jane Philpott, former Minister of Indigenous Services

University Profile

Name: Western University
Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Country: Canada
Colleges and Schools:
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Information and Media Studies
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Music
  • Faculty of Science
  • Huron University College
  • Brescia University College
  • King’s University College
  • School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
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