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The University of Gothenburg is a public research university situated in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is one of the largest universities in the Nordic countries with eight faculties and approximately 38,000 students. The university offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs. Its mission is to provide knowledge and competence for sustainable development.


The University of Gothenburg was established in 1891 as Göteborgs högskola, making it one of the oldest universities in Sweden. The university has gone through several name changes throughout its history. In 1954, it received its current name, the University of Gothenburg. The university has played an essential role in the development of Gothenburg as an international center for research and education.


The University of Gothenburg is organized into eight faculties, each with its departments and programs. The faculties are the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Fine, Applied, and Performing Arts, the Faculty of Health, the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Social Sciences, and the School of Business, Economics, and Law.


The University of Gothenburg is divided into four campuses spread across the city. These campuses are Campus Haga, Campus Johanneberg, Campus Linné, and Campus Medicinareberget. Each campus has its unique style and specializations. The university also has a campus located on the island of Hönö, where marine research is conducted.


The University of Gothenburg offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs in various fields, including humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, and business. The university’s academic programs are designed to ensure that students can acquire the education and skills they need to succeed in their professional fields.

Colleges and schools

The University of Gothenburg is home to several colleges and schools that offer a variety of programs. These include the School of Business, Economics, and Law, the School of Education, and the Sahlgrenska Academy.

Student life

The University of Gothenburg has a dynamic student population, and there are numerous opportunities for students to get involved in campus life. The student union, known as the Student Union of Gothenburg, provides a wide range of activities, clubs, and societies for students to join. There are also several student organizations focused on various interests and hobbies.


The University of Gothenburg has a strong athletic program, with a range of sports teams and programs for students to participate in. The university’s sports facilities include gyms, sports halls, and outdoor sports fields.

Notable alumni

The University of Gothenburg has several notable alumni, including Michel Mayor, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2019 for his work on discovering exoplanets, and Olof Palme, who was the Prime Minister of Sweden twice. Other notable alumni include Johan Rockström, a leading sustainability scientist, and Gunnar Myrdal, a Nobel Prize-winning economist.

University Profile

Name: University of Gothenburg
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Country: Sweden
Colleges and schools: School of Business, Economics, and Law; School of Education; Sahlgrenska Academy; Faculty of Arts; Faculty of Education; Faculty of Fine, Applied, and Performing Arts; Faculty of Health; Faculty of Humanities; Faculty of Science; Faculty of Social Sciences
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