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Tomsk State University (TSU) is a public research university located in Tomsk, Russia. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Siberia, with a long history of academic excellence and innovation. TSU offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields, including natural sciences, social and human sciences, and engineering.


Tomsk State University was founded in 1878 as the Siberian Imperial University by the decree of Tsar Alexander II. It was the first university in Siberia and played a crucial role in the development of the region. In 1918, it was renamed as Tomsk State University and became one of the leading centers of higher education in the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, TSU went through a period of transformation and modernization, and today it is recognized as one of the best universities in Russia.


TSU has a complex organizational structure, comprising 24 faculties and institutes, as well as several research centers and institutes. The university is governed by a rector, who is appointed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The academic council, composed of the heads of faculties and institutes, advises the rector on academic matters. TSU also has a number of administrative departments, including the Department of International Affairs, the Department of Science and Innovation, and the Department of Student Affairs.


The TSU main campus is located in the heart of Tomsk, a vibrant and historic city in Siberia. The campus occupies a large area of 15 hectares and includes numerous academic buildings, research centers, libraries, and sports facilities. The campus is also home to several dormitories, where students can live and study in a supportive and comfortable environment.


TSU is known for its high-quality academic programs and rigorous research activities. The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various disciplines, including physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, psychology, sociology, history, philosophy, law, economics, and engineering. TSU also has several interdisciplinary programs that combine different fields of study. The university employs more than 3,000 faculty members, many of whom are recognized experts in their respective fields.

Colleges and Schools

TSU comprises 24 faculties and institutes, each offering programs in specific areas of study. Some of the notable faculties and institutes include the Faculty of Physics and Engineering, the Faculty of Chemistry, the Faculty of Psychology, the Faculty of International Relations, and the Institute of Economics and Management. The university also has several research centers and institutes, such as the Institute of High-Performance Computing and the Institute of Petroleum Chemistry.

Student Life

TSU offers a vibrant and diverse student life, with numerous clubs, organizations, and events taking place on campus. Students can participate in sports teams, music ensembles, drama groups, and debate clubs, among others. The university also has a rich cultural heritage, and students can learn about the history and traditions of Siberia through various activities and events. The TSU International Student Association provides support and resources for international students, helping them adapt to life in Russia and make the most of their university experience.


TSU has a strong athletic program, with numerous teams competing in various sports at the regional and national level. The university has modern sports facilities, including a stadium, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, and outdoor courts. The TSU sports teams are known as the Tomsk Bears and are recognized as one of the top teams in Siberia.

Notable Alumni

TSU has produced numerous distinguished alumni who have made significant contributions to science, culture, and society. Some of the notable alumni include Pavel Florensky, a philosopher and theologian; Sergei Korolev, a rocket engineer and pioneer of space flight; Boris Shakhlin, an Olympic gymnast and gold medalist; and Dmitry Likhachev, a historian and cultural activist.

University Profile

Name Tomsk State University
Location Tomsk, Siberia, Russia
Country Russia
Colleges and Schools 24 faculties and institutes
Website URL
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