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Kyoto University, also known as Kyodai, is a national university located in Kyoto, Japan. It was founded in 1897 as the second imperial university in Japan and is now one of the highest-ranked universities in Japan and Asia.


The university was established in 1897 as Kyoto Imperial University, a state institution for higher education in Japan. The university was later renamed Kyoto University in 1947 after the dissolution of the imperial university system.


Kyoto University has more than 10 faculties, including the Graduate School of Letters, the Graduate School of Science, the Graduate School of Medicine, and the Graduate School of Engineering. The university also has numerous research centers and institutes, such as the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application and the Disaster Prevention Research Institute.


Kyoto University has three campuses located in Kyoto: Yoshida Campus, Uji Campus, and Katsura Campus. The main campus, Yoshida Campus, is located in the center of Kyoto and is home to most of the university’s faculties and research centers.


Kyoto University is known for its strong programs in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in a wide range of fields, including engineering, medicine, law, economics, and literature.

Colleges and schools

Kyoto University has several colleges and schools, including the College of Letters, the College of Science, the College of Medicine, the College of Engineering, and the College of Agriculture. It also has several graduate schools, including the Graduate School of Education and the Graduate School of Informatics.

Student life

Kyoto University has a vibrant student life with many student clubs and societies. The university also hosts numerous cultural and sporting events throughout the year.


Kyoto University has a strong athletic department with numerous varsity teams in sports such as soccer, baseball, and volleyball.

Notable alumni

Some notable alumni of Kyoto University include Nobel laureates Hideki Yukawa and Shinichi Mochizuki, mathematician Masaki Kashiwara, and economist Kyoji Fukao.

University Profile

Name Kyoto University (京都大学 Kyōto daigaku)
Location Yoshida-honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Country Japan
Colleges and schools College of Letters, College of Science, College of Medicine, College of Engineering, College of Agriculture, and Graduate Schools such as the Graduate School of Education and the Graduate School of Informatics
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