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Cardiff University is a public research university located in the vibrant capital city of Wales, Cardiff. It was founded in 1883 as the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire, and received its royal charter in 1905. The university has a reputation for excellence in teaching and research and is recognized as one of the top 5 universities in the UK for research excellence.


The roots of Cardiff University can be traced back to the formation of the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire in 1883. The college was established to provide higher education opportunities for the people of South Wales, and it quickly gained a reputation for excellence in teaching and research.

In 1905, the college was granted its royal charter and became the University of Wales, Cardiff. The university continued to expand and develop over the years, and in 2005 it was granted the right to award its own degrees, rather than being dependent on the University of Wales.


Cardiff University is a decentralized institution, with 28 academic schools and departments organized into three colleges: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Biomedical and Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences and Engineering. The university has a total of over 6,000 staff and 33,000 students from around the world.


The main campus of Cardiff University is located in the city center of Cardiff, which is the capital of Wales. The campus is spread over several sites and comprises over 300 buildings, including historic buildings and modern facilities. The university also has a second campus at Heath Park, which is home to the schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Healthcare Sciences.


Cardiff University is a research-intensive institution with a focus on interdisciplinary research. The university offers over 300 undergraduate and postgraduate programs across a range of academic disciplines, including arts and humanities, social sciences, engineering, physical sciences, and life sciences. The university has a strong commitment to providing quality teaching and research opportunities to its students.

Colleges and schools:

Cardiff University is comprised of three colleges, each with multiple schools and departments:

1. College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences:
– School of English, Communication and Philosophy
– School of History, Archaeology and Religion
– School of Journalism, Media and Culture
– School of Law and Politics
– School of Modern Languages
– School of Music
– School of Welsh and Celtic Studies

2. College of Biomedical and Life Sciences:
– Cardiff School of Biosciences
– Cardiff School of Dentistry
– Cardiff School of Healthcare Sciences
– Cardiff School of Medicine
– Cardiff School of Optometry and Vision Sciences
– Welsh School of Pharmacy

3. College of Physical Sciences and Engineering:
– School of Chemistry
– School of Computer Science and Informatics
– School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
– School of Engineering
– School of Mathematics
– School of Physics and Astronomy

Student life:

Cardiff University provides a vibrant and diverse student life experience to its students. The university has over 200 student clubs and societies covering a wide range of interests and activities, from sports teams and cultural groups to political and charitable organizations.

The university also offers a wide range of student support services, including academic and personal support, health and wellbeing services, and career guidance and advice. Students can also participate in a range of cultural and social events on campus and in the city.


Cardiff University has a strong sporting tradition and offers a range of athletic facilities and programs to its students. The university has a large indoor sports center, outdoor sports fields, and a boathouse on the River Taff. The university also participates in a range of competitive sports leagues and competitions.

Notable alumni:

Cardiff University has produced many notable alumni across a wide range of industries and professions. Some of the university’s most notable alumni include:

– Roald Dahl, author
– Tanni Grey-Thompson, Paralympian and politician
– Geoffrey Howe, politician and former Chancellor of the Exchequer
– Michael Sheen, actor
– Ken Follett, author
– Huw Edwards, broadcaster

University Profile:

Name: Cardiff University
Location: Cardiff, Wales
Country: United Kingdom
Colleges and schools:
  • College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • College of Biomedical and Life Sciences
  • College of Physical Sciences and Engineering
Website URL:
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