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Maximize Your Engine Performance with the Best Cooling Accessories

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Automotive Performance Engine Cooler Accessories: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

If you’re a keen driver or a professional racer, then you understand the importance of keeping your engine cool. Automotive engine coolers come in many different varieties looking to improve performance, extend the life of the engine, and maintain consistent engine temperatures in harsh conditions.

However, buying the right performance engine cooler accessories can be challenging. The market is filled with numerous brands, models, and specifications. To guide you in your search for the perfect engine cooler accessory, we’ve put together a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

Understanding Automotive Performance Engine Cooler Accessories

Before making a purchase, it’s essential to understand the different cooling components and how they operate. The primary components of an engine cooling system include the water pump, radiator, thermostat, cooling fan, and hoses. These components work together to disperse heat from the engine, ensuring that it runs at optimal temperature.

In addition to the primary components, there are other accessories that car owners can purchase to help increase the efficiency and functionality of their engine cooling system. These performance engine cooler accessories can be classified into two main categories, namely:

1. Cooling Fans: These accessories are designed to increase airflow to the engine and radiator, helping to dissipate heat evenly. They come in a variety of types and designs, ranging from electric to mechanical, dual or single fans.

2. Cooling products and additives: These accessories are designed to enhance the performance of the engine cooling system. They include additives (cooling system cleaners, sealers), and products (such as liquid-cooled overflow tanks, radiator covers, and coolant surge tanks).

Factors to consider when purchasing performance engine cooler accessories

When shopping for engine cooler accessories, the following are essential factors you should consider:

1. Type of vehicle: Make sure you buy the right size and type of cooler accessory to fit your vehicle’s engine. Ensure you check your car’s manual or contact your car’s manufacturer to get the recommended cooling system.

2. Cooling performance: Consider the cooling performance, in terms of CFM ratings (cubic feet per minute) for the cooling fan, and the cooling efficiency of the additives.

3. Durability and Quality: Ensure the accessories are made of durable materials that are resistant to wear, impact, and high temperatures.

4. Cost: Consider the cost of the accessory, including installation, replacement and maintenance costs

5. Installation: Some accessories are easy to install and can be done by owners themselves. However, some require professional installation. Ensure you consult a qualified mechanic, if you’re not sure.

Top Automotive Performance Engine Cooler Accessories to Consider

1. Mishimoto MMFAN-12HD Race Line, High-Flow Electric Fan & Shroud: Boasts superior cooling performance, excellent quality, and durability.

2. Derale 16925 High-Output Dual Radiator Fan: Provides high CFM rating for maximum cooling efficiency, making it ideal for high-performance engines.

3. Evans Waterless Coolant: An excellent additive that eliminates excess heat, reduces corrosion, and prevents coolant boilover.

4. Moroso 63750 Coolant Surge Tank: Designed to help maintain consistent coolant levels and prevent overheating.

5. DEI CryO2 Intercooler Water Sprayer Kit: Kit designed to use cryogenic cooling to chill the intercooler, reducing the intake air temperature and increasing horsepower

In conclusion, choosing the right automotive performance engine cooler accessory can be a daunting task. However, by considering the factors discussed in this guide, you can make a well-informed decision. Remember, proper selection and installation of performance engine cooler accessories not only enhances your vehicle’s performance but also increases its longevity.

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