The Paulsson Family: A Remarkable Biography

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Biography of Erik Paulsson and Family


Erik Paulsson is a Swedish billionaire, born on 10th January 1962, in Malmo, Sweden. He is the chairman of the construction firm Peab AB, which his father, Paul Paulsson founded. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Lund University.

Early Life and Education

Erik Paulsson was born and raised in Sweden. He is the eldest son of Paul Paulsson, the founder of Peab AB. His interest in business grew from observing his father manage and grow Peab AB. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Lund University.

Career and Achievements

After graduating from Lund University in 1985, Erik Paulsson joined the family business, Peab AB. He started his career in the accounting department of the company and worked his way up. He was appointed CEO of Peab AB in 1998 and held the position until 2016. During his tenure as CEO, he transformed Peab AB into one of the largest construction firms in Scandinavia, with operations in Norway, Finland, and Denmark. Erik Paulsson has also served as Chairman of Ratos AB, a Swedish private equity company, since 2018. In addition to business, Paulsson is also known for his philanthropic activities. In 1994, he founded the Erik Paulsson Foundation, which supports medical research and cultural activities.

Personal Life

Erik Paulsson is married and has three children. He enjoys skiing and is an avid fan of tennis. Paulsson is known for his love of art and has a private collection of modern art.


Name Erik Paulsson
Born 10th January 1962
Country Sweden
Sector Construction
Companies Peab AB, Ratos AB
Net Worth US$2.4 billion
Forbes URL
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