The Life of Rene Benko

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Rene Benko is an Austrian billionaire and real-estate developer who is best known for his work as the chairman of SIGNA Group, a real-estate and retail investment company. He is one of the wealthiest people in Austria and has been involved in some of the country’s largest real-estate projects, including the development of Vienna’s landmark Kaufhaus Tyrol department store.

Early Life and Education

Rene Benko was born on May 20, 1977, in Innsbruck, Austria. He grew up in a wealthy family and attended the Innsbruck Private Grammar School before studying law at the University of Innsbruck. After completing his law degree, Benko went on to earn an MBA from the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Career and Achievements

After completing his MBA, Benko began his career in finance as an investment banker in New York. In 2000, he founded the real-estate investment company SIGNA Group, which has since grown into one of the largest and most successful real-estate companies in Europe. Under Benko’s leadership, SIGNA Group has been involved in a number of high-profile real-estate projects, including the development of the Tyrol department store in Innsbruck and the takeover of the German department store chain Karstadt.

In addition to his work in real estate, Benko has also been involved in the retail industry. In 2011, he purchased the German department store chain Karstadt, which had been struggling financially. Under his leadership, the chain has undergone a significant transformation and is now profitable once again.

Personal Life

Rene Benko is married with children and is known for his luxurious lifestyle. He is a collector of art and owns several valuable pieces, including works by Pablo Picasso and Francis Bacon. Despite his wealth and success, Benko remains humble and is known for his philanthropic work. He has donated millions of dollars to charities and is an active supporter of education and healthcare initiatives.


Name Rene Benko
Born May 20, 1977
Country Austria
Sector Real estate, retail
Companies SIGNA Group, Karstadt
Net Worth US$ 7.6 billion
Forbes URL
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