The Life of Frank Laukien

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Frank Laukien: The Life of a Billionaire


Frank Laukien is an American businessman and entrepreneur, best known for his work as the President and CEO of Bruker Corporation. He has a net worth of over $2.5 billion and has become a leading figure in the scientific instrumentation industry.

Early Life and Education

Frank Laukien was born in 1957 in Bedford, Massachusetts. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Bowdoin College in 1979 and went on to earn his Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from Stanford University in 1984.

Career and Achievements

After earning his Ph.D., Laukien began his career as a research scientist at Varian Associates. He later joined Bruker Corporation in 1986, and since then has held several executive positions within the company, including Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. In 2008, he became the CEO of Bruker Corporation, a position he still holds to this day.

Under Laukien’s leadership, Bruker Corporation has grown significantly and is now one of the leading companies in the scientific instrumentation industry. The company produces products such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines, X-ray machines, and mass spectrometers. In addition to his work with Bruker Corporation, Laukien serves on the board of directors for several other companies, including Peloton Therapeutics and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Corporation.

Personal Life

Frank Laukien has maintained a relatively private personal life. He is married and has three children. In his free time, he enjoys skiing and playing golf.


Name Frank Laukien
Born 1957
Country United States
Sector Scientific Instrumentation
Companies Bruker Corporation, Peloton Therapeutics
Net Worth $2.5 billion
Forbes URL

Overall, Frank Laukien’s impressive contributions to the scientific instrumentation industry have made him a highly influential and successful figure in business.

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