The Life of D. Leopoldo Del Pino

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D. Leopoldo Del Pino: A Billionaire’s Success Story


D. Leopoldo Del Pino is a Spanish billionaire businessman who is well known for his successful career in the construction industry. He is the former Chairman of Grupo Ferrovial, a multinational company that specializes in transportation infrastructure, and he is considered to be one of the most influential people in Spanish business.

Early Life and Education

D. Leopoldo Del Pino was born in 1955 in Madrid, Spain. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs, with his grandfather having founded the construction company Ferrovial in 1952. Del Pino attended the Colegio del Pilar, a Jesuit school in Madrid, before going on to study industrial engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Career and Achievements

After completing his studies, Del Pino joined Ferrovial in 1981 as the head of the company’s international division. He quickly rose up the ranks, becoming the company’s CEO in 2002 and its Chairman in 2009. During his time at Ferrovial, Del Pino oversaw the company’s expansion into numerous countries, including the United States, Canada, and Australia. He also spearheaded the company’s move into new sectors, such as airports and toll roads.

Under Del Pino’s leadership, Ferrovial became one of the largest companies in Spain and a major player in the international construction industry. Among the company’s most notable achievements during Del Pino’s tenure was its acquisition of BAA, the company that owns Heathrow Airport in London.

In addition to his work at Ferrovial, Del Pino has also been involved in a number of other companies and organizations. He has served on the boards of Repsol, one of Spain’s largest oil companies, and Telefónica, a telecommunications giant. He has also been a member of the executive board of the International Chamber of Commerce and the Foundation for Social Responsibility in Business.

Personal Life

Despite his success in business, D. Leopoldo Del Pino keeps a relatively low profile and little is known about his personal life. He is married with children and is said to be a keen tennis player.


Name D. Leopoldo Del Pino
Born 1955
Country Spain
Sector Construction
Companies Ferrovial, Repsol, Telefónica
Net Worth $2.5 billion
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