The Life of Alexander Skorobogatko

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Alexander Skorobogatko: From Humble Beginnings to Billionaire Status


Alexander Skorobogatko is a Russian entrepreneur and billionaire who has made a name for himself in various industries, including telecommunications, finance, and real estate. He is known for his tremendous success in building and growing companies, as well as his philanthropic efforts.

Early Life and Education

Alexander Skorobogatko was born on May 18, 1973, in Moscow, Russia. He grew up in a modest family and had to work hard to achieve his goals. He studied at Moscow State University, where he earned a degree in physics.

Career and Achievements

After completing his education, Alexander Skorobogatko started working as a researcher in the telecommunications industry. He soon realized that he had a passion for entrepreneurship and decided to start his own company.

In 1996, Skorobogatko co-founded VimpelCom, a mobile telecommunications company, with two other entrepreneurs. The company quickly grew and became one of the leading providers of mobile services in Russia.

Skorobogatko then turned his attention to the finance industry and co-founded Sovcombank, a leading privately-owned bank in Russia. He also established a number of other successful companies, including a real estate development company and an investment firm.

In addition to his business achievements, Alexander Skorobogatko is known for his philanthropic efforts. He has donated millions of dollars to charitable causes, including healthcare and education initiatives in Russia.

Personal Life

Alexander Skorobogatko is married and has two children. He is a private individual and prefers to keep his personal life out of the public eye.


Name: Alexander Skorobogatko
Born: May 18, 1973
Country: Russia
Sector: Telecommunications, Finance, Real Estate
Companies: VimpelCom, Sovcombank, Real Estate Development Company, Investment Firm
Net Worth: US$3.7 billion*
Forbes URL:

*Net worth as of September 2021 according to Forbes.

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