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Rodolphe Saadé is a French businessman and the CEO of the shipping company CMA CGM. Under Saadé’s leadership, the company has become the fourth largest container shipping company in the world. He inherited the company from his father, Jacques Saadé, who founded CMA CGM in 1978. Saadé is also a member of the board of directors of the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) and a co-founder of the French-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Early Life and Education

Rodolphe Saadé was born on August 7, 1970, in Beirut, Lebanon, to Jacques Saadé and his wife, Tanya. His father was a Lebanese-French businessman who founded CMA CGM, and his mother was a French pianist. The family moved to France in 1978, and Saadé grew up in Marseille, where he attended local schools. He later studied international business at HEC Paris, one of France’s top universities.

Career and Achievements

Saadé began his career at CMA CGM in 1994, working in various positions in the company’s finance and marketing departments. In 2000, he was appointed vice-president in charge of development, and in 2004, he became deputy CEO. When his father stepped down as CEO in 2017, Saadé was appointed to succeed him.

Under Saadé’s leadership, CMA CGM has expanded its global reach and diversified its services. The company now operates in more than 160 countries and employs over 110,000 people worldwide. In addition to container shipping, the company has expanded into logistics, port management, and air freight.

In recognition of his contributions, Saadé has received numerous awards, including the Legion of Honor, one of France’s highest honors, and the French Order of Merit.

Personal Life

Saadé is married with four children and is known for his philanthropic activities. He is a member of the board of directors of the CMA CGM Foundation, which supports education and environmental initiatives around the world. Saadé is also a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and the United Nations Global Compact.


Name Rodolphe Saadé
Born August 7, 1970
Country France
Sector Shipping and logistics
Companies CMA CGM, French-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Net Worth $2.9 billion
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