Robert Bass: Life and Career

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Robert Bass is a billionaire businessman and investor in the United States. He is the eldest of the four Bass brothers, the others being Sid, Lee, and Edward. Robert is the founder of the investment firm Oak Hill Capital Partners and has a net worth of $4.9 billion as of 2021.

Early Life and Education

Robert Muse Bass was born on May 10, 1948, in Fort Worth, Texas. His father, Perry Richardson Bass, was an oil tycoon, and his mother, Nancy Lee Muse, was a socialite. Robert graduated from Yale University with a degree in economics in 1971.

Career and Achievements

After college, Robert worked for the Wall Street investment bank First Boston Corporation. In 1983, he founded his investment firm, Oak Hill Capital Partners, with more than $1 billion in capital. The company has invested in numerous successful businesses, including DuPont’s Conoco Oil, the Sabre Group, and others.

Robert is also known for his involvement in the Bass family’s oil and gas investments. He served as chairman of the board of the oil company the Bass Brothers Enterprises from 1996 to 2007.

In addition to his business success, Robert has been involved in several philanthropic ventures. He has donated millions of dollars to educational institutions, including Yale University, Rice University, and Duke University.

Personal Life

Robert has a wife, Anne T. Bass. The couple has three children and resides in Fort Worth, Texas. He is an active participant in the Fort Worth community, serving on several nonprofit boards, including the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, the Sid W. Richardson Foundation, and the Bass Performance Hall.


Name: Robert Muse Bass
Born: May 10, 1948
Country: United States
Sector: Finance, Investments, Oil and Gas
Companies: Oak Hill Capital Partners, Bass Brothers Enterprises
Net Worth: $4.9 billion
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