Richard Chandler: A Dynamic Life Story

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Richard Chandler: The Billionaire with a Passion for Investing


Richard Chandler is a self-made billionaire who has a passion for investing. He is the founder of the Chandler Corporation, which is a family office that manages the wealth of the Chandler family. This corporation has investments in a diverse range of companies and sectors including healthcare, media, telecommunications, energy, and financial services. Richard Chandler is known for his long-term investment strategies, and his focus on emerging markets.

Early Life and Education

Richard Chandler was born on November 1958, in New Zealand. He is the second of three children of a couple who owned a modest store that sold second-hand clothes. Despite growing up in a humble background, Richard Chandler was an ambitious student, and he worked hard to excel in school. He attended the University of Auckland, where he earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1983.

Career and Achievements

After college, Richard Chandler worked for accounting firm Arthur Andersen, where he gained experience in corporate finance. In 1986, he moved to Hong Kong, where he worked as an investment advisor for the Rothschild family. His work with the Rothschilds exposed him to the world of investing, and he soon realized that he had a passion for it. Richard Chandler co-founded Sovereign Global, a private equity firm, in 1986. The firm focused on distressed assets and had investments in companies in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

In 1997, Richard Chandler sold his stake in Sovereign Global and founded the Chandler Corporation. The family office invests in a range of sectors including healthcare, media, telecommunications, energy, and financial services. The company has a long-term investment horizon, and it is known for its strategic stakes in emerging markets.

Richard Chandler is also known for his philanthropic efforts. He has donated millions of dollars to charity through the Chandler Foundation, which he founded in 2006. The foundation focuses on education, human rights, and combating corruption in developing countries.

Personal Life

Richard Chandler is a private person, and he rarely gives interviews to the media. He is married and has two children. He is a keen yachtsman, and he has competed in several sailing races around the world.


Name: Richard Chandler
Born: November 1958
Country: New Zealand
Sector: Investment
Companies: The Chandler Corporation
Net Worth: US$3.3 billion
Forbes URL:
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