Michael Pieper: A Multifaceted Biographical Sketch

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Michael Pieper is a Swiss billionaire and the owner of the Franke Group, a global manufacturer of kitchen sinks, faucets, and other kitchen accessories. He inherited the company from his father in 1992 and has since expanded it to become a leader in the industry. Pieper is also an avid collector of antique cars and has developed a museum to showcase his extensive collection.

Early Life and Education

Michael Pieper was born in Switzerland in 1945. His father, Alexander Franke, founded the Franke Group in 1911 as a metalworking shop. Pieper attended the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, where he earned a degree in mechanical engineering.

Career and Achievements

After finishing his education, Pieper worked for several years as an engineer in the United States before returning to Switzerland to join the Franke Group. In 1975, he became the head of the company’s US operations, which he expanded significantly over the next several years.

Pieper took over as CEO of the Franke Group in 1992, following his father’s death. He immediately began to expand the company’s product line, focusing on high-end kitchen fixtures and accessories. Under Pieper’s leadership, the Franke Group has become a global leader in the industry, with operations in over 40 countries.

In addition to his work with the Franke Group, Pieper is also a passionate collector of antique cars. He has developed a museum in Switzerland to showcase his extensive collection, which includes over 100 cars ranging from 1899 to the 1970s.

Personal Life

Michael Pieper is married with two children and resides in Switzerland. He is known for his philanthropy, supporting a variety of cultural and educational initiatives both in Switzerland and abroad. Pieper is also an active member of several professional organizations, including the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce.


Name Michael Pieper
Born 1945
Country Switzerland
Sector Manufacturing
Companies Franke Group
Net Worth USD 5.4 billion
Forbes URL
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