“Masayoshi Son: The Billionaire and Visionary”

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Masayoshi Son: An Overview

Masayoshi Son is a Japanese entrepreneur and investor who is known for founding SoftBank Group Corp, a multinational conglomerate holding company that invests in technology, telecommunications, and e-commerce. With a net worth of over $49 billion as of 2021, he is considered one of the richest people in the world. In addition to his success in the business world, Son is also known for his philanthropy and investments in renewable energy.

Early Life and Education

Masayoshi Son was born on August 11, 1957, in Tosu, Saga, Japan. His parents were Koreans who had moved to Japan during World War II. Son grew up in a relatively poor family and had to work part-time jobs to help support his family. Despite the financial struggles, Son was a top student and was accepted into the prestigious University of California, Berkeley to study economics.

During his time at Berkeley, Son became interested in the emerging field of microprocessors and started selling arcade games in his dorm room. He dropped out of college two years into his studies to start a business importing video games and arcade machines from Japan to the United States.

Career and Achievements

In 1981, Son returned to Japan and founded SoftBank Corp, originally called SoftBank BB Corp, which would ultimately become SoftBank Group Corp. The company started as a software distributor but soon expanded into other areas, including computer magazine publishing and software development.

In the early 1990s, SoftBank started investing in internet companies, and in 1995, Son acquired a 33% stake in Yahoo! for $20 million. SoftBank’s investment in Yahoo! proved to be highly successful, and Son became known as a savvy tech investor.

Over the years, SoftBank has invested in and acquired numerous companies in areas such as e-commerce, telecommunications, and AI. Some of the notable companies in SoftBank’s portfolio include Alibaba, ARM Holdings, Sprint Corporation, and WeWork.

In addition to his success in business, Son is also known for his philanthropy and investments in renewable energy. In 2011, he pledged to donate 10 billion yen ($120 million) to help fund relief efforts following the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan. He has also pledged to donate 1 trillion yen ($10 billion) over the next decade to promote the development of renewable energy.

Personal Life

Masayoshi Son is married and has two daughters. He is known for his love of music and owns a guitar signed by the Beatles. He is also a big sports fan and has invested in several sports-related ventures, including the merger between the Japanese soccer clubs Tokyo Verdy and Tokyo Gas.


| Name | Masayoshi Son |
| Born | August 11, 1957 |
| Country | Japan |
| Sector | Technology, Telecommunications, E-commerce |
| Companies | SoftBank Group Corp, Alibaba, ARM Holdings, Sprint Corporation, WeWork |
| Net Worth | $49.3 billion (as of 2021) |
| Forbes URL | |

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