Linda Pritzker: Philanthropist and Buddhist leader

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Linda Pritzker: The Billionaire Philanthropist


Linda Pritzker is a billionaire heiress, businesswoman, and philanthropist based in California. She is the granddaughter of A.N. Pritzker, the founder of The Marmon Group, and the sister of 3 well-known billionaires – Jay Robert Pritzker, Thomas Pritzker, and Donald Pritzker. Linda is the co-founder of the Mariposa Institute, a non-profit organization that focuses on meditation, spiritual practices, and sustainable living.

Early Life and Education

Linda Pritzker was born on 1953 in Chicago, Illinois, to parents Robert Pritzker and Audrey Gilbert. She grew up in a family of successful businessmen and philanthropists, where entrepreneurship and giving back were highly valued. Linda graduated with a BA in Psychology from Northwestern University in Illinois, and later pursued a Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California.

Career and Achievements

After completing her education, Linda worked as a clinical social worker for several years in Los Angeles. However, she later left her job to pursue her passion for travel and spirituality. She traveled extensively to India and other parts of Asia, where she studied meditation and Buddhist practices. In 1990, Linda co-founded The Glide Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides social services to San Francisco’s poor and marginalized communities. She also co-founded the Mariposa Institute in 1997, with a focus on sustainability and spiritual practices.

As a successful entrepreneur, Linda has invested in and co-founded various businesses, including the Herbal Path natural food store, and Golden Prana Yoga Studio in Los Angeles. She is also an advocate for renewable energy, and has invested in organizations that promote green energy and sustainability.

Personal Life

Linda Pritzker is a private person, and is known to maintain a low-profile. She is divorced and has two children. She currently lives in Santa Barbara, California, in a large estate that is powered by solar panels and wind turbines. Linda is a dedicated philanthropist, and uses her wealth and influence to support various social causes, including poverty alleviation, animal rights, and environmental conservation.


Name: Linda Pritzker
Born: 1953
Country: United States
Sector: Business and Philanthropy
Companies: The Glide Foundation, Mariposa Institute, Herbal Path, Golden Prana Yoga Studio
Net Worth: Unknown
Forbes URL:
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