“Erich Wesjohann: The Man Behind the Success of the PHW Group”

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Erich Wesjohann is a German billionaire heir and co-owner of the poultry firm, PHW Group. He currently holds an executive position in the company, serving as its managing director. With over 43,000 employees worldwide, PHW is one of the largest food companies in Germany.

Early Life and Education

Erich Wesjohann was born on February 14, 1969, in Germany. He is the son of Paul-Heinz Wesjohann, the founder of PHW Group. Growing up, Erich was exposed to the workings of the family business, which instilled in him a passion for the poultry industry. He attended University of Gottingen and graduated with a degree in Agriculture and Business Administration.

Career and Achievements

Erich Wesjohann’s career began as he entered the family business in 1997. He started out as a marketing director, responsible for the company’s advertising and brand management. Over time, he rose to become the managing director of PHW Group, a position he still holds today.

Under Erich’s leadership, PHW Group has experienced significant growth and expansion. In 2019, the company reported an annual revenue of €2bn. In addition, PHW Group has made efforts to promote the welfare of animals raised for food production. The company’s products are certified by animal welfare organizations, such as the European Initiative for Sustainable Development in Agriculture and the Animal Welfare Foundation.

Personal Life

Erich Wesjohann is married and has three children. He is a private individual and keeps a low profile, avoiding media attention.


Name Born Country Sector Companies Net Worth
Erich Wesjohann February 14, 1969 Germany Food PHW Group $3.7 billion
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